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Government institutions are under Dr.Web's protection

Information security is one component of the Russian Federation's national security—it affects the protection level of societal and state interests. Ensuring that the Russian Federation’s information is secure in the economic sphere plays a key role in ensuring the country’s national security.

Dr.Web protects Russia's national security.

Rosatom —
the State
Atomic Energy Corporation

of nuclear fuel on the world market

of electrical power generation in Russia

Nuclear technologies are a priority in the development of Russia's innovation economy. Dr.Web protects innovations.

Dr.Web protects the entire industry in Russia

More than 50,000 devices since 2019

Enterprises within the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

  • JSC Greenatom
  • The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics
  • FSPC PC "Start" named after M.V. Protsenko
  • The V. G. Khlopin Radium Institute
  • State Corporation Rosatom
  • JSC Federal Center of Science and High Technologies SNPO Eleron
  • SC Rosenergoatom Concern
  • SC Atomtrans
  • ...

Nuclear power plants

  • Balakovo NPP
  • Beloyarsk NPP
  • Rostov NPP
  • Kalinin NPP
  • Novovoronezh NPP
  • Smolensk NPP

The RoscosmosState
for Space Activities

  • World leader in the number of annual successful rocket launches
  • Manned spacecraft, planet exploration, sun research, astrophysics and the creation of artificial Earth satellites

Enterprises within Roscosmos are protected with the Dr.Web anti-virus

  • The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics
  • SSC FSUE Keldysh Research Center
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Production Center for Automation and Instrumentation named after Academician N. A. Pilyugin
  • JSC Research-and-Production Corporation Precision Systems and Instruments
  • JSC Academician M. F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems
  • JSC Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant
  • ...

The Pride of Russian

is under Dr.Web's protection

 — The share of Russia's GDP

 — The share of the employed population

  • JSC Russian Railways
  • JSC Tatneft
  • OJSC MHK EuroChem
  • Joint Stock Company ALROSA
  • PJSC Mostotrest
  • Rusenergosbyt LLC
  • JSC Ulianovsk Car Plant (UAZ)
  • JSC NPO Energomash named after Academician V. P. Glushko
  • JSC CA Zvyozdochka
  • PAO Rostelecom
  • NPO Gigamas
  • JSC NPO Geliymash
  • JSC NPO Physics
  • JSC Frunze
  • NPO Atom
  • NPO Saut
  • NPO Erkon
  • FSUE Russian broadcasting and notification networks
When users acquire Russia’s Dr.Web software, they are protected from the possible risks associated with restrictions on using, renewing and purchasing foreign software due to changes in the international situation.

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