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Government authorities of the Russian Federation

have been choosing Dr.Web for years.

Legislative power

The State Duma of the Federal
Assembly of the Russian Federation

Executive power

The Russian Presidential Executive Office and many
organisations that belong to the Department of Presidential Affairs

Dr.Web can solve any issues related to protecting the information of the Russia Federation’s most important organisations.

All the elections in contemporary Russia have been protected by the Dr.Web anti-virus

Since 2003

Dr.Web has been protecting all the devices of all the election boards in the Russian Federation (the GAS Vybory network); we designed a special Dr.Web anti-virus for this.

Dr.Web protects locally

Dr.Web technologies protect government employee devices in many Russian regions.

Some of them use only Dr.Web:

>40,000 devices
in the Republic of Tatarstan since 2012

>30,000 devices
in the Republic of Udmurtia since 2017

>40,000 devices
in the Perm Territory since 2019

>20,000 devices
in the Belgorod Region since 2020

>27,000 devices
in the Omsk Region since 2020

Under Dr.Web's protection – the authorities of hundreds of cities and towns in Russia's regions, INCLUDING THE CRIMEA.

Significant budgetary savings — a reasonable objective with Dr.Web

Expenses are 5 times

on anti-virus protection since the Republic of Udmurtia migrated to Dr.Web.

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